SERBIKA - Serbian gastronomic adventure

SERBIKA is an economic and tourist manifestation offering possibility of presentation and sales to best tourist destinations, restaurants and food and beverage producers from all over Serbia. Our aim is to present gastronomic culture and tourist potential of our country to domestic and foreign visitors..

The festival have a special scenography, set up to describe Serbia's areas and regions - Vojvodina, Belgrade, East Serbia, Western Serbia, Šumadija, South Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija.

Within the mentioned regions, domestic representative producers are presenting their traditional specialties, delicatessen, restaurants, wine tours, gastronomic and educational workshops with different themes designed for visitors of all ages.

Through gastronomic adventure and socializing, visitors have the opportunity to discover all the tastes of Serbia and hidden tourist jewels.

Many culinary workshops will be held within the festival - a presentation of medieval Serbian cuisine, a menu of Roman emperors, Belgrade street food, a “baby chef” – for children and many more.

The exhibition space is decorated to reflect the cultural and gastronomic heritage of each region, but with contemporary and creative approach: modern and traditional elements, interesting settings for sitting, scenery for photography and special lighting ...

The event is intended for domestic and foreign visitors of all ages.

Date: 23rd and 24th June

Location: Sava promenade, within Belgrade Waterfront