Predjelo, zakuska, meze (Appetizer, snack, meze)

The custom of eating something before the meal do not apply only to our country... Many other nations, from Mediterranean to the Middle East, consider this habit as a mandatory part of the main meal – whether this meal is a dinner or a lunch.

It is said that the appetizer is needed to awaken the appetite and to be an overture for the main dish. Appetizer can be: dried meat products, cheeses, olives, mushrooms, vegetables and even fruits, but it is common for most countries to have some kind of pies with different filling as part of the appetizer.

The appetizer can be warm and cold, ad it is equally present in restaurants as well as in a home-based variant of the meal.

word “predjelo” is of domestic origin ("before meals"). "Meze" is a word of Turkish origin and in Turkey it means: white cheese, melon, cream of hot peppers with nuts, dense yogurt with herbs, salad of blue eggplant, sarma, squid, balls made from chees ... "Zakuska" is the word of Russian origin, and it consists of cold steaks, salted fish, spirits, turkey, stuffed eggs ...

All three words are in common use in Serbia, because our appetizer has a lot to offer, and then we can "eat" something between "appetizers" and "snacks".

In Serbia the appetizer can be: ham, dried meat products, salamis or other meat products; it can also be: cheese, kashkaval or/and kajmak, Russian salad and rinflajs (boiled meat) or sarma with greens. It is not rare to have a cold roasted pork as an appetizer, if followed by a warm roasted meat...All ot that is combining with bread, pita, corn bread or all three...

Sometimes the appetizer is so voluminous, that people are not able to get to the main course. This fact, as well as the number of words we use for the appetizer, is only speaking in favor of how much we love to eat - both large and small dine.

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